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Your Trusted Commercial Tent Manufacturer!

ownerWhile looking for tents and tent products, be sure and consider what we have available at Miami Missionary Tent Company. We manufacture a  wide variety of pole tents in both square & rectangle and round & oval.  Our high quality pole tents are built from top quality vinyl and materials.  We offer a wide variety of tent products like hybrid winch center poles, truckers ratchets, pole lifters, beautiful arch style windows, ultra gloss sealer and many others.

When it comes to the strongest pole tents and tent products available, you will want to check us out here in Miami.  All of the tent products we offer are designed to give you the longest lasting tents possible.  Much of the vinyl we purchase is custom made for us.  The hybrid winch center poles are made of special order, high tensile galvanized steel as well as structural aluminum.  The tent seams have custom made 2″ webbing, triple stitched top to bottom with steel to steel connections and tent products like our beautiful arch style windows are made of very strong clear fire resistant vinyl. 

Why do we strive so hard to manufacture the strongest pole tents in America? Because our tents and tent products are used everywhere.  In all 50 states, every province of Canada and 146 countries around the world.  Many are used by missionaries who leave them up 12 months a year for a church building. Several of our commercial customers have used them for storage buildings while the majority of our customers use them for all kinds of tent meetings, parties, weddings and special events.

If you are serious about a tent, therefore, please…